Canoe the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande

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Students will travel to the Big Bend region, departing Saturday, March 9th and returning Saturday, March 16th, 2024.

The Field Trip Experience

The Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande, along the border between Texas and Mexico, is one of the last truly wilderness river trips to be found in the United States. As we canoe over 70 river miles, you will paddle beneath 1,500- to 2,000-foot-tall canyon walls, and have the chance to see wildlife rarely seen elsewhere!



Big Bend Region


Saturday, March 9th and returning Saturday, March 16th, 2024


Dr. Anthony Deringer
Dr. Rob Dussler
Andrew Morreale


Trip: $375
Course: $922.08
*financial aid eligible*


Course Fee *if enroll in REC 1330*

Tuition & Fees: $1,506.24 | 3 Hr (1 Course)

Drop Refund - Refunds for a dropped extension course are given according to university policy for regular university courses on campus. Refer to the  Registrar's Web site for more information.

Program Fee

Program Fee: $375 | Includes all Lodging, Group Meals, Transportation, Permits, and Outdoor Equipment. ---paid online in January--

OTHER EXPENSES NOT INCLUDED IN PROGRAM FEE: Meals during vehicle travel, personal clothing (reviewed at pre-trip meeting)

**Students are able to receive a refund on the Program Fee only if their spot claimed on the Field Trip roster can be successfully filled.**


  • This program includes two pre-Field Trip meetings on the Texas State University campus in the Spring 2024 semester, at the Sewell Park Outdoor Center. These required meetings are 6-8PM on Wednesday, February 28th and Wednesday, March 6th.
  • Participants who do not attend the pre-trip meeting for the trip they are registered for will forfeit their spot on the trip and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Waitlisted participants may attend the pre-trip meeting and will be awarded a spot if other registered participants do not show.



Applications reviewed by the Program Director & OXP


OXP notifies students with directions for program fee payment

Eligibility Notification!

Required: Confident and able swimmer

Preferred: Some paddling experience, in either a canoe or kayak

Understanding the Risks

The Outdoor Recreation Program staff makes every effort to provide you with an enjoyable trip. You will assume the responsibility for many decisions affecting yourself during the activity, however, the trip leaders have final authority and will not hesitate to dismiss those whose conduct is detrimental to themselves, the group or the activity site.

Participants should be aware that outdoor activities can be physically demanding with inherent elements of risk and danger beyond our control. These risks include but are not limited to the potential for accidents or illness while traveling to and from the activity sites, or while participating in activities in rugged mountain, wilderness and river terrain. While we do not assume liability for personal injury or death, every effort is made to minimize these risks.

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Gain Course Credit!

Enroll in REC 1330

REC 1330. Introduction to Outdoor Recreation.

This course provides students with an overview of the role the natural world plays in recreation and leisure services. The course will focus on values of outdoor recreation, adventure recreation, environmental impact, and the role of government in the provision and protection of outdoor recreation programs and resources.

3 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 0 Lab Contact Hours.
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Spring 2024 | Course Dates: 01/00/24-05/00/24 | CRN: 31409

Instructor: Dr. Anthony Deringer  |  Email: | Department of Health and Human Performance 

  • This Field Trip may be used to partially fulfill the requirements of REC 1330 – Outdoor Recreation Programming. 

    REC 1330 focuses on the relationship between people and the outdoors as experienced through the provision of leisure services. 

    • The class covers the history and philosophy of outdoor recreation, outdoor education, and the public and private provision of recreation in nature. 
    • The largest point value assignment in the course is linked to participation in an outdoor recreation experience – the trip assignment. 

    This trip fulfills REC 1330’s trip assignment when paired with a reflection paper. Please note that the trip is not mandatory for students enrolled in REC 1330, other options are available throughout the semester.

    Registering for REC 1330 is NOT a requirement to participate on this Field Trip.

For More Information

Dr. Anthony Deringer 

Title: Assistant Professor 
Department: Dept of Health & Human Performance 
(512) 245-2561 

Andrew M Morreale 

Title: Asst Dir, Campus Recreation 
Department: Campus Recreation 
(512) 245-8748 

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