Media Production Services

OXP provides the resources to produce high-quality multimedia learning materials that reinforce course content and create a bridge to engage learners. We are equipped with the media tools you need to make an impact. Utilize our creative production staff to help bring your media dreams to life. Our in-house production studio hosts a wide range of Audio, Video, and Broadcast services.

Video production studio full of lights, camera rigs, and shaders. On the back wall is a green screen backdrop
Camera filming a light in a production studio

Video Production

The OXP production department is equipped with the latest video production gear to produce Full HD and 4K definition videos. We are equipped with an in-house black room studio with versatile setups for any backdrop, green screen, or built set, including lighting, camera, and audio support to fit your needs. We also proudly feature a 95-inch Revolution Lightboard for instructors to utilize bringing a dynamic look to lecture or informational videos.

Broadcast & Livestream

Broadcast and Livestream production is an essential part of our video production suite. Our fully mobile broadcast rig gives us the ability to produce a live stream or broadcast at any location with a high-speed network connection. With our range of broadcast gear including PTZ camera systems, ENG and DSLR Cameras, and audio mixer and distribution systems, we are equipped to bring your Full HD or 4K broadcast to life.

Broadcast switcher illuminated with lights. Above it sits a wall of video monitors
White studio filled with cameras and lights. In the center is a person seated at a desk set with plants surrounding him

Lecture & Zoom Recording

Looking for a more intimate and direct lecture recording option? The OXP lecture recording booth allows you to record your lectures (presenter camera, screen recording, and video playback) in the highest quality in our enclosed lecture recording booth. The booth features an iMac with advanced recording software installed, a full HD presenter camera, a green screen backdrop with virtual sets, and lighting to make it all look amazing. Take your lectures to the next level.

Podcast & Audio Recording

Looking to record your next audio interview, or kick off your companion series podcast? Our podcast and audio booth is the right start. Equipped with all your needs for recording audio to your laptop or a local source. The audio booth is customizable and can be expanded to fit your needs or the number of guests. The standard audio setup is one presenter slot (microphone, audio mixer, recorder, and headset) and 3 guest slots (microphone, and headset).

Two men seated around a table both have headphones on and are speaking into a microphone

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