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Led by experienced faculty members, academic field trips offer course-related learning activities at field locations outside the classroom.

Academic exploration through field trips!

These excursions are designed to expand your learning beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings. Academic field trips present unparalleled opportunities to delve deeper into your course material by immersing yourself in real-world environments relevant to your studies.

Led by experienced faculty members, these expeditions serve as dynamic extensions of your coursework. They offer a hands-on approach to learning, allowing you to witness theories and concepts come to life in their natural settings. Whether you're studying biology, history, geology, art, or any other field, these trips provide an invaluable chance to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

By venturing outside the classroom, you'll engage with environments that serve as living laboratories. Explore ecosystems, historical landmarks, cultural sites, scientific research centers, or industry hubs. Interact directly with professionals, experts, or practitioners in your field, gaining insights and perspectives that textbooks alone cannot offer.

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Open to All Majors

Big Bend - March 2024- Open

Dates: March 9 - 16 , 2024
Location: Big Bend Region
Applications Open: Now!
Priority Deadline: XX

**Open to All Majors**
(Course Credit option for Spring 2024)
big bend
Art Museum

Fort Worth, TX - CLOSED

Trip: Kimbell Art Museum
Dates: n/a
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Applications Open: Closed!
Priority Deadline: -


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  • Are field trips open to all majors?
    • YES! 
  • Why are there program fees?
    • If there are program fees, it cover transportation costs, excursions, entries to facilities such as parks, museums, etc., and if supplies are needed.
  • Is the program fee financial aid eligible?
    • It can be if it is tied to a course that satisfies your degree requirements. 
  • Do I have to enroll in the course to go into the program?
    • Often not! Depends on the program. 

How it Works!

Faculty/Dept Proposal

Faculty or academic departments determine the educational goals and objectives that field trips can fulfill

Coordinate Trip Logistics

Outlining the schedule, activities, and learning experiences for the trip- guided tours, lectures, hands-on activities, or interactions with experts

Student Engagement!

Students learn more about trip details, connect with trip leaders/faculty, apply to secure their spot, and join!
(sometimes gain course credit)

Trip Time

Faculty or designated leaders accompany students on the field trip, guiding and supervising the activities, and ensuring learning objectives are met!

Academic Field Trips are coordinated thru Online & Extended Programs.

Faculty/Department Resources

Logistics References
How to Submit a Proposal