Extension Courses

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Thank you for your interest in our on-campus and online extension course offerings. Below you will find the academic areas in which we offer courses. 

NOTE: Course offerings vary by semester. Please confirm specific course information and availability for each semester in the Schedule of Classes

Department of World Languages and Literatures


American Sign Language

  • ASL 1410: Beginning American Sign Language I

  • ASL 1420: Beginning American Sign Language II

  • ASL 2310: Intermediate American Sign Language I

  • ASL 2320: Intermediate American Sign Language II


  • ARAB 1410: Beginning Arabic I

  • ARAB 1420: Beginning Arabic II

  • ARAB 2310: Intermediate Arabic I

  • ARAB 2320: Intermediate Arabic II

  • ARAB 3301: Levantine Arabic

  • ARAB 4390: Studies in Arabic Language and Culture


  • CHI 1410: Beginning Chinese I

  • CHI 2310: Intermediate Chinese I

  • CHI 3301: Conversational Chinese


  • ITAL 2310: Intermediate Italian I

  • ITAL 2320: Intermediate Italian II

  • ITAL 3308: Advanced Conversation and Grammar


  • LAT 1410: Beginning Latin I

  • LAT 1420: Beginning Latin II

  • LAT 2310: Intermediate Latin

  • LAT 2320: Intermediate Latin


  • POR 1410: Beginning Portuguese I

  • POR 1420: Beginning Portuguese II

  • POR 2310: Intermediate Portuguese I

  • POR 2320: Intermediate Portuguese II

  • POR 3308: Advanced Composition and Conversation through the Brazilian Short Story


  • RUSS 1410: Beginning Russian I
  • RUSS 2310: Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS 4390: Studies in Russian Language and Culture

World Religions

  • REL 1300: World Religions


Department of Anthropology



  • ANTH 1312: Cultural Anthropology

  • ANTH 4304: Language, Culture and Society

  • ANTH 5304: Sociolinguistics


Department of Biology



  • BIO 1320: Modern Biology I, Molecules, Cells, and Physiology

  • BIO 1331: Functional Biology

  • BIO 3308: Global Ecology

  • BIO 3376: Introduction to Biotechnology

  • BIO 4301: Evolution

  • BIO 4311: Cancer Biology

  • BIO 4376: Microbial Biotechnology

  • BIO 5311: Cancer Biology

  • BIO 5376: Microbial Biotechnology

General Science

  • GS 3310: General Science

  • GS 3320: General Science


Department of Communication Studies


Communication Studies

  • COMM 5329N: Rhetoric of Diversity


Department of Engineering Technology


Construction Science and Management

  • CSM 3363: Heavy, Civil and Highway Construction Systems

  • CSM 4368: Environmental Sustainable Design & Construction

  • CSM 4380: Construction Safety


Department of History



  • HIST 1310: History of the United States to 1877
  • HIST 1320: History of the United States, 1877to Date


School of Family and Consumer Sciences


Merchandising and Consumer Studies

  • MCS 5303: Sustainable Textiles


Department of Organization, Workforce, & Leadership Studies (OWLS)


Occupational Education

  • OCED 4111: Independent Study, Prior Learning Assessment


Department of Philosophy



  • PHIL 1305: Philosophy and Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 1320: Ethics and Society
  • PHIL 3322: Professional Ethics
  • PHIL 3323: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 5322: Professional Ethics
  • PHIL 5323: Environmental Ethics


The course numbering system has four digits for each course, with the first digit indicating the level of the course, the second digit showing semester-hour value, and the last two digits reflecting the departmental sequence. Thus, Italian 2320 is a sophomore-level course of three semester hours.

Accessing Your Online Course

If you are registering for an online course, you will access your course through Canvas. In addition to the information available in Canvas, course details listed on the Extension Studies webpage may provide further assistance for contacting your instructor and identifying the required texts and course materials. 

Textbooks and Course Materials

Textbooks for Extension Studies courses are available at the Texas State University Bookstore. If purchasing a textbook or other course materials from another vendor, please be sure to purchase the correct items that are required for your course. When searching for textbooks, please be sure you're purchasing the correct edition of the text. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office, or consult with the course instructor for clarification on what is required for the course. For online courses, you will also find course information listed in Canvas