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The (NROP) initiative

The Non-Resident Tuition for Online Programs (NROP) initiative has been created to help Bobcats who live outside of the State of Texas and who are taking 100% of their coursework online, to pay fees for coursework that are equivalent to in-state residential tuition.  Eligible students have been identified as non-Texas residents enrolled in participating degree programs at Texas State, and Online and Extended Programs are excited to offer you a lower-cost tuition option as a part of NROP.



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Student Criteria  

Online and Extended Programs (OXP) pulls daily data reports from participating degree programs that identify eligible NROP students based on their demographics and other factors. Some factors include residency, visas, scholarships, employment positions, and registration.

How Does it Work?

OXP works with the participating academic departments for their course offerings. OXP then creates a hidden, duplicate NROP section for each course. This duplicate section, which is offered through extension, is created for special coding necessary for the NROP program to be applied to the student's account. Students enroll in this hidden NROP section, but they participate as if they were enrolled in the standard department section. The NROP student should be added to the same Canvas course site as students in the department section, and they have the same instructor, same content, and same course deadlines. 

What Do I Need to Do As a Student? 

Only specific degree programs at Texas State University are eligible for these benefits. Therefore, in order to continue to be eligible for the NROP initiative and to pay course fees equivalent to the charge for in-state residential tuition, you will need to continue to be enrolled only in 100% online courses and to continue in your current degree program. If you take any courses that are not 100% online, or if you transfer to a degree program that does not offer NROP benefits, you will lose all NROP benefits currently awarded to you. Please consult the following website for a list of NROP eligible programs:

You will also need to:

  • Keep your contact information up-to-date at all times in TXST Self-Service
  • Read emails on a regular basis from Texas State University (always check your Bobcat Mail!) 



  • Who can apply?
  • Unfortunately, there is no application process. Students are selected based on the degree program and courses they are enrolled in.
  • Do I need to be in all online classes?
  • Yes! Students will need to continue to be enrolled only in 100% online courses and to continue in your current degree program.
  • Can I get reimbursed for a prior semester?
  • This initiative is only applied for active semesters. Prior reimbursement is not available.
  • My bill has not updated to show the in-state tuition charge?
  • Student accounts and registrations will not be updated until after the registration period ends.

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Faculty & Staff Information for NROP Procedures