Career Exploration: Public Relations

Students will travel to Seattle, Washington, in the Summer of 2024. The course will last from August 04, 2024, to August 10, 2024

Study In America Experience - 

Join us for a week-long career exploration trip that will take students inside the headquarters of global corporations and local landmarks in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Exposure to leading public relations and communications pros will keep students current on latest developments in the industry and provide insight on how to land a job in a major market. Networking with industry leaders and alumni solidify contacts and connections for our students seeking professional experience in prominent media markets. In our free time we will explore tourist sites and even spend a day hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.



To be admitted to this SIA program, you must enroll in the course option below:


Any student can register for MC 3114
Preference to Public Relation Majors & SJMC Majors



Amazon HQ
Expedia HQ
Pike's Place Market
Mount Rainier State Park
Microsoft HQ
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Discovery Center


August 04, 2024 - August 10, 2024


Trip: $1,950
*financial aid eligible*

Study In America Experience

Finding Out More About Public Relations in Seattle, Washington 

The departure for this trip is dated August 04, 2024, and will last until August 10, 2024, more information will be updated soon. Feel free to come back for more information later on!

** Field Trip

** Prerequisites will be waived**

Seattle pier and Ferris wheel and water during nighttime image



  • Undergraduate in good standing at Texas State. 
  • Once you are approved and provided overrides to the SIA program, you are liable for both the course and program fee refund policy. 


  • Costs

    • INCLUDES: 
      • Lodging
      • Group Meals
      • Transporation 
      • Excursions
      • Personal Meals
      • Travel (Airfare) from Texas 
      • Personal Expenses - supplies/groceries 
  • Drop & Refund Policy

    • Drop Refund - Refunds for a dropped extension course are given according to university policy for regular university courses on campus.  Refer to the Registrar's Web site for more information.

    • Students are able to receive a refund on the Program Fee that falls within this refund schedule. This is separate from the refund deadlines associated with tuition costs.

      The following policy applies to students that drop/withdraw from the course/program -

      • 100% of the Program Fee is Refundable '45' days prior to the course start date.
      • 70% of the Program Fee is Refundable '44' days prior to the course start date. 
      • 50% of the Program Fee is Refundable after the first start date of the course. 

      Students that cannot complete the program and would like to appeal the refund policy, please contact the SIA Coordinator, for more assistance. 

      Please note: the course start date is not the first day of travel. 

  • Program Preparation

    • Students will be responsible for booking and paying for airfare to Seattle. All participants will be given a transit pass that will cover the cost of daily public transportation (trains, busses, monorail) during the trip, and the pass will also cover the cost of a train to and from the airport.

    • Students will need to pack business casual clothes for site visits made to major corporations in Seattle. Participants should also bring comfortable walking shoes, a jacket for cool weather, and casual clothes for sightseeing and hiking.  

    • Yes, students will have some down time on most days of the trip.