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Public Resources for Educational Content

Quality Resources

The Internet has so much educational content that finding quality resources can be challenging. This list of websites that offer free content for educational purposes is a good place to start:

There are lots of websites for educators and professionals. Whatever your field, it is likely there is a resource for you. To find these sites, consider tapping into an online community of practice or your own personal network of colleagues.

Note: Assets from third parties can be subject to licensing fees or other copyright restrictions. When choosing content to include in your course, refer to the University Copyright Research Guide to avoid violating copyright. The Copyright Research Guide also contains a list of sources for public domain materials.

Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are openly licensed instructional documents and media that are generally free or of little cost. Examples of OER content include full lecture videos, lesson notes, assignments, assignment solutions, and assessments. MIT OpenCourseWare is one of the most notable OER projects; by early 2013, MIT had released the materials from 2150 of its undergraduate and graduate course for free online use.

The OER Commons is a searchable database of many of the OER available on the Internet.

University Resources for Educational Content

The University subscribes to many databases in order to authorize students and faculty to access peer-reviewed literature and licensed multimedia including videos, pictures, and music.

Library Resources

The Albert B. Alkek Library offers many services to faculty members including grants and research consultations to assist you in finding content within currently held subscriptions or through one-time purchases.

Some of the resources available through the University include:

Note: When linking to a resource from a database, it is important to use the resource permalink. Most databases provide a permalink with each entry. If you have trouble finding it, contact a librarian for help.