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Advanced Application Form

Application for Advanced Online Course Design and Development

Before you complete this application, please carefully review the following information about the Advanced course.

In particular, note the meeting and application dates at the links below:

  • Schedule
  • How to Apply

Your acceptance into the course will be based on 4 criteria:

  1. The immediacy of your and your department’s need for you to teach online. That is, how soon will you be teaching an online/hybrid course and did your department make this teaching assignment? Has your department identified online courses as an important initiative in the near future?

Note: Priority will be given to instructors who are assigned to teach online but who do not have training that has been approved by the Office of the AVPAA.

  1. Your level of interest in and enthusiasm for online teaching.
  1. The quality of your application. Did you articulate a well thought-out rationale for your future online/hybrid courses and your need for the Advanced course?
  1. Your experience with TRACS tools:
  • Knowledge of basic TRACS functionality is a course prerequisite. For example, you should know how to create a project or course site, add/remove tools and participants, post to Forums and Resources, etc. Given the fast pace of the course, we will not have time to provide training in these areas.
  • Your use of tools beyond the basics noted above gives us an indication of your enthusiasm for and interest in exploring instructional technologies.

Note: * indicates required fields

Which Advanced course session are you applying for? *
I have confirmed that my department/program head will be able to support a course release (to be funded by the office of the AVPAA) if I am accepted into the course. (This means that your chair has agreed to arrange for someone else to teach a course in your place during the semester you will participate in the Advanced program.) *
Will the course be hybrid or online?*
When is this hybrid or online course scheduled to be taught? *
Are you free on the dates for your session of interest indicated under Schedule on the Advanced page? Scroll up and click Schedule to review the dates. *
Which TRACS tools (or comparable tools in another LMS) do you feel comfortable using? *
Rate your level of confidence with TRACS: *
Rate your level of confidence with MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint): *
Rate your level of confidence with basic operating system tasks (organizing your documents, creating folders, copying documents, downloading and installing applications, etc.): *