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Student Feedback on Course Effectiveness Report

This report will summarize student feedback on course effectiveness and provide quantitative and qualitative data to support your summary. 

Student feedback data includes how satisfied students are with the:

  • course and its delivery,
  • interaction with the instructor and classmates,
  • feedback from the instructor (i.e., is it comprehensive, detailed, and helpful?), and
  • responsiveness of the instructor (i.e., is feedback timely, are problems addressed quickly?).

Student feedback data also addresses how well students think the course materials helped them learn.

Your data can be gathered via polls, surveys, forum comments, and emails.

At a minimum, please include statistics (e.g., overall mean rating of the course and mean ratings on the different categories) from your department course evaluations that students complete at the end of the semester.

It is highly recommended that you also include other student feedback related to the effectiveness of online course materials and teaching methods.

The detailed student perception survey for distance learning courses can be adapted for your purposes if you choose.